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Pycoon Web Development Framework
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12th-Apr-2007 04:00 pm - Pycoon 0.2a5 Released
Version 0.2a5 is available. It is still not 0.2 mostly because of lack of documentation and developers' feedback. Nevertheless the activity of documenting things has begun and we have got a sketch of the developer's guide with a few nice UML diagrams!

Though I'm the main contributor to the Pycoon project, I don't have free time needed to implement all the ideas we have (all that puzzle-like extensible and declarative WSGI-based XML pipelines component framework stuff), because I'm working hard at my current projects now.

So, we need your feedback! Please send your comments to our pycoon-users group or to the issue tracker. Also we are looking forward to getting new contributors to the project.

Major changes in this release:
  • Created basic framework for adding samples
  • Added support for customizable InputModules
  • Created some static and dynamic UML diagrams for developers
  • Added HTTP redirect support via <map:redirect>
  • Added If-Modified-Since HTTP header support to ResourceReader
  • Added fmt_textile built-in block
  • Added mgmt_statusgen built-in block
  • Added ResourceExistsSelector
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes (#20, #21, #22 and others)
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16th-Jan-2007 09:09 am - Pycoon @ WSGI Wiki
We are in the list of frameworks at WSGI Wiki :) Pycoon is now only a WSGI application that can be used with various WSGI servers. But the idea of Pycoon is an XML pipeline based WSGI middleware framework. We are going to implement this idea in 0.3.

Some new features added in this release:

  • Added support for <map:act>
  • Added XHTML serializer
  • Added SendmailAction
  • Added support for use-request-parameters to TraxTransformer
  • Added support for when parameter to <map:handle-errors>
  • Added early versions of generators that use lightweight markup as their input: Textile and reStructured Text
  • Minor bugfixes

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The programming part of 0.2 release is almost done. Documentation is still on the way.

  • Support for <map:mount> (#17)
  • Added rawegg: URI scheme (#19)
  • Added logging of HTTP requests on "info" logging level (#18)
  • Support for HTTP POST urlencoded parameters
  • Root sitemap addressing via cocoon:// URI
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes

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