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Pycoon Web Development Framework
Pycoon 0.2a5 Released 
12th-Apr-2007 04:00 pm
Version 0.2a5 is available. It is still not 0.2 mostly because of lack of documentation and developers' feedback. Nevertheless the activity of documenting things has begun and we have got a sketch of the developer's guide with a few nice UML diagrams!

Though I'm the main contributor to the Pycoon project, I don't have free time needed to implement all the ideas we have (all that puzzle-like extensible and declarative WSGI-based XML pipelines component framework stuff), because I'm working hard at my current projects now.

So, we need your feedback! Please send your comments to our pycoon-users group or to the issue tracker. Also we are looking forward to getting new contributors to the project.

Major changes in this release:
  • Created basic framework for adding samples
  • Added support for customizable InputModules
  • Created some static and dynamic UML diagrams for developers
  • Added HTTP redirect support via <map:redirect>
  • Added If-Modified-Since HTTP header support to ResourceReader
  • Added fmt_textile built-in block
  • Added mgmt_statusgen built-in block
  • Added ResourceExistsSelector
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes (#20, #21, #22 and others)
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